Fabrica Dev Kit

fortheme, plugin and site developers

An environment and build toolkit to accelerate and optimize the entire WordPress development process. Do better work faster, on projects of any scale.

Built with best-in-class components to encourage best-practice coding, Fabrica Dev Kit removes repetitive tasks to make your WP development work more productive and enjoyable. Key features:

  • Instant setup of project-specific fast local development server (using Docker)
  • Tools for coding leaner, cleaner themes (using Twig, PostCSS, MVC and BEM)
  • Build script to preprocess, lint and optimize assets
  • Live browser testing, synchronized across devices (using Browsersync)
  • Version control for custom fields (using ACF-JSON)
  • Instant deployment (using Wordmove)

To find out more, see the full documentation on Github. You can also watch a video of project setup and basic features.

Fabrica Dev Kit on Github