Fabrica Dashboard

for site admins, editors and authors

At last, a useful Dashboard for WordPress. Indispensable information about content and activity at a glance. Helps you keep your sites tidy, up to date and problem-free. No configuration required.

Fabrica Dashboard gives you an instant insight into:

  • The breakdown of content and media across your site
  • Recent activity by editors, authors and users
  • Possible problems on your site
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Fabrica Reusable Block Instances

for users of WordPress 5

Show you how many times, and where, a Reusable Block has been used.

WordPress 5’s new Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) allows chunks of content to be saved as Reusable Blocks across the site; a subsequent change to one instance updates everywhere. However, as it stands there’s no way to get a list of where a particular block is in use, making it difficult to track time-sensitive content.

We built a lightweight plugin to provide the missing functionality (<100 lines of code, no database modification), and as a companion for our main content-awareness plugin, Fabrica Dashboard.

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Fabrica Evergreen Web

for those on the brink of a major site update

A WordPress implementation of Aral Balkan's 404 → 307 'evergreen web' technique.

As Aral Balkan puts it on 4042307.org, “What if links never died? What if we never broke the Web? What if it didn’t involve any extra work? It’s possible. And easy. Just make your 404s into 307s.” 

If you’re about make a major update to a WordPress website that means old URLs will no longer be mirrored in the new site, move the old site to a subdomain, set up the new one in the root, and use this plugin to ensure that any historical URLs not in the new site will be routed to the old site with a 307 rather than an unsightly 404.

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