Fabrica Dashboard

for site admins, editors and authors

At last, a useful Dashboard for WordPress. Indispensable information about content and activity at a glance. Helps you keep your sites tidy, up to date and problem-free. No configuration required.

Fabrica Dashboard gives you an instant insight into:

  • The breakdown of content and media across your site
  • Recent activity by editors, authors and users
  • Possible problems on your site
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Fabrica Dev Kit

for theme, plugin and site developers

A Docker-based WordPress development environment and build toolkit that removes repetitive tasks and encourages better, faster code.

Built with best-in-class components, Fabrica Dev Kit removes repetitive tasks to make your work more productive and enjoyable. Key features include:

  • Instant setup of project-specific fast local development server.
  • Tools for coding leaner, cleaner themes.
  • Build script to preprocess, lint and optimize assets.
  • Live browser testing, synchronized across devices (using Browsersync).
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